Théoule Galerie


Jean Laniau peintre durant la première moitié de sa vie s’est tourné, riche de sa maîtrise du dessin, du pastel et de l’aquarelle, vers l’art de la sculpture en 1981. Ses œuvres seront rapidement exposées, reconnues et font partie de grandes collections. Jean Laniau a participé à quelques expositions et une rétrospective à l’Espace Culturel de la ville à laquelle il a fait don de 30 œuvres exposées à Théoule Galerie.

Office de Tourisme – 2 Corniche d’Or – 06590 Théoule sur Mer

Bust of Charles Dahon (Tizziano)

Charles Dahon is the first mayor of Théoule-sur-mer in 1929. The bust was sealed in the parking lot Charles Dahon during the 80th anniversary of the municipality in 2009.
(Dahon Square)

Cariatides Aurélia (Lechevallier)

Statue of woman holding a cornice on her head
(Avenue Jean-Baptiste Pastor)

Cross of Lorraine

Stele of the landing in 1944 of Allied troops
(Avenue of the French Riviera)

Eglise Sainte Germaine (1927)

The parish church was built on land donated by the Schleinger family and financed by donations. It is the lord of Nice, Sir Ricard who signed it on September 14, 1927. The church was baptized Sainte Germaine de Pibrac by the lord whose mother was named Germaine. St. Germaine, born in 1579, she lived in Pibrac near Toulouse where she died in 1601. She was a virtuous little shepherdess and really compassionate for poors and the sicks people while she lived a life very miserable.
(Avenue of Lérins)

Eventail (Chaix)

(Avenue de Lérins)

Woman lying (Popoy)

(Darse Walking)

Woman coming out of the water (Sallan)

Birth of the woman
(Avenue de Lérins)

Desert Rose (Lechevallier)

Carved on site from a block of solid stone
(place Général Bertrand)

Galathée (Saintout)

Daughter of Nereus and Doris. Really appreciated by the Cyclops, his love was for the acis shepherd.
(Pradayrol Walking)


To the memory of the fighters who died for France in the wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
(Esplanade Charles de Gaulle)

Aphrodite (Jean Laniau)

In front of the villa “Peace”. This statue, offered and signed by Jean Laniau, illustrates the artistic links that unite the artist to the city of Théoule-sur-mer.

Notre-Dame d’Afrique (Fortuné Evangélisti)

Sanctuary and place of pilgrimage of the French of Algeria located in the middle of the hills which dominate the sea and on the way of Compostelle. The statue measures 12 meters, the crown measures 2 meters in diameter. Composed of brass, corten steel, stainless steel, glass and enamel, original work, it reminds the Basilica of Saint Eugene of Algiers which still houses the Patron Saint of Africa.

Orientation Table (Saintout)

With beautiful weather, you can see Corsica
(Avenue de la Table d’Orientation)

Temple of Paradise (Saintout) and Diane of Estérel (Popoy)

Diane was a fairy living in the hills of Estérel
(Avenue of Lérins)

La Rascasse (Claude Valois)

The “Rascasse”, symbol of Théoule
Square of the Tourist Office

The Flight (Jean Paul Bongibault)

Square of the Tourist Office

The Wind (Popoy)

Square of the Tourist Office

The wild boars of the Esterel (Golec & Golec)

Square of the Tourist Office

Marius the Bowler (Capo Sasso)

Square of the Tourist Office

Presence (Moss Cat)

Square of the Tourist Office